Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Books published!!

I've just published my first two books. One is a full length novel titled "Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp" and the other is a childrens book titled "The Adventures of Ernie I Saw". Unfortunately I've had to do everything from self publishing to website work and book promotion. Without proper financing I'm learning to do it all the hard way, but with good support and hopefully good demand on the books that might all change. If you're not familiar with my books you can check out previews at my website ( wjobooks.110mb.com ). I hope everyone will take a look and let me know what you think.


  1. I'v read both books. Grandchildren love Ernie I Saw. I love Reeshard And The Great Parish Swamp. My favorite person in the book is Oble Tere. I can't wait till the other book comes out. I'v read Reeshard about four times already.

  2. Demand for the book is beginning to pick up. Hope its gets better tho. Just now starting to go international on promos. One copy to Sweden and another to Israel. Keep spreading the word and I'll keep spreading the books, lol. Hope to get into working on the second book full time soon.

  3. very cool...but its Jordan ...not Israel